Ethereum Blockchain Has A New Version Of Bitcoin & Exchanges are confirming listing before its launch

Ethereum blockchain has a new version of Bitcoin that’s better in at least 3 ways. Faster transactions, lower fees, and a lower total token supply with no ‘stashed tokens’ hidden by the founder. The genius tokenomics, transparent whitepapers, and what’s become a marketing frenzy have created an unprecedented trend. “Mollars token” has become such a recognized brand by crypto traders, the number of crypto exchanges confirmed to list the new altcoin is growing & before its ICO event ends.

In a rapidly increasing list,, has become the third crypto exchange to confirm its listing the new Bitcoin rival, Mollars. Others that’ve announced in less than two weeks include Bitmart and LBank exchanges.

On the Mollars subreddit community, it’s clear investors are ecstatic about the increasing list of crypto exchanges set to list the token they’ve invested in.

How many traders gain access to Mollars via these crypto exchanges?

Between the 3 exchanges, the token will be introduced to a direct audience of between 18 and 20-million crypto traders. These figures are based loosely on the stats provided by queries of ‘how many users does X exchange have’ on google. Indirect reach from the 3 exchanges alone, counting social media and overall ecosystems, is over 50-million people.

These exchanges are announcing their coming listing of Mollars token for various reasons that may include by not limited to:

  • Massive demand — Mollars presale has already amassed over 2.85-million token sales. Hundreds, if not thousands of users will be registering with these exchanges to make use of their $MOLLARS.
  • Trust — The founder and/or developers have already provided enough liquidity to prove the token can be supported. Users’ funds are safe and exchanges have verified this.
  • Belief — Just as the investors, these crypto exchanges likely see mutual benefits for the token, its users, and the exchange itself; A health trifecta for the decentralized finance community.

The centralized exchange was the latest exchange to confirm it will list Mollars token after the end of the ICO. However, it would not be a surprise if others have already confirmed listings via X [formerly twitter] or their own blogs beyond this.

MexC and Uniswap

Crypto traders on reddit hope that Uniswap and major Latin American exchange MexC, list the Mollars token as well. Neither of these two exchanges confirm listings before 48 hours of the initial coin offering’s closing.

Coinbase, Robinhood, and

The absolute top crypto exchanges, like Coinbase, RobinHood, and, do not list tokens before they reach a certain market cap. If Mollars sees a parabolic uptrend in value, due to demand, perhaps the exchanges will begin to notice it.

So far, crypto traders have bought over $1.34-million-dollars worth of Mollars tokens via presale. At a rate of $0.55 cents per token currently, over 2.8-million tokens will be sent to traders wallets at the end of this initial coin offering.

The total token supply of Mollars is 10-million tokens. Only 40% or 4-million tokens will be sold via the presale. Currently, over 71% of the allocated supply has been sold, leaving only 29% available for the last 16 days of the ICO.

Crypto exchanges are expected to list the $MOLLARS token at a price of $0.62 cents after the hard cap has been reached.

Top Investor Bought US$23,000 in Mollars

The top investor thus far in the project is a migrant investor who’s bought US$23K worth of $MOLLARS tokens. The wallet of the investor reveals they are a major Shiba Inu (SHIB) token holder who’s moving funds into other opportunities. The investor utilizes the dollar cost averaging strategy and completed the massive sum over 12 transactions. This investment could continue to grow between now and the ICO’s end.

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