SHOCKING: Tether Linked to Money Laundering & Terrorism? Truth Now Exposed!

Recent investigations by TruthLabs have unveiled disquieting links between Tether, one of the largest stablecoins in the cryptocurrency market, and illicit activities, including money laundering and ties to terrorist groups.

These findings come in addition to results dealing with Crypto Israel Aid and a preferred crypto exchange of Hamas,

While it’s not the most pleasant to discover, these revelations expose a hidden side of digital currencies, prompting deeper scrutiny. The good and the bad – you must know it all. Read on.

Understanding the “Discovery”

TruthLabs revisited a Department of Justice report from eight months ago, which flagged Tether addresses linked to money laundering and terrorist financing. What caught their attention was the exclusion of significant addresses involved in major illicit activities.

“a few of the addresses that were not only money launderers but also massive rug artists and protocol exploiters directly connected to these terrorist groups on-chain weren’t included.”


This omission raises serious doubts about the report’s transparency. TruthLabs emphasized,

“The blockchain is the Truth. The addresses that they didn’t include were 10x if not 10,000x bigger perpetrators than the ones they did include in the report and blacklisted.”

Connections between and Hamas

Further investigation revealed unsettling patterns in the funding addresses of Crypto Israel Aid. They found these addresses linked to the same ones flagged in the DOJ report, yet they remained unblacklisted. This raised concerns about regulatory fairness.

“So when you tell me that Israel runs the US government and its agencies, I kind of have a hard time not believing it.”

What Are the Implications?

TruthLabs’ post of October 11, 2023, showed that one of the favored crypto exchanges for Hamas is Among the list of exchanges within the Silvergate Bank network is It was tied to Capital Financial Plus. CFP was involved in widespread PPP loan fraud, giving loans to fake people while denying that to legitimate small business owners.

Further, CFP had access to a risk-free government home loan program, $125M, which added to this misused money scheme. TruthLabs pointed out the broader implications of these findings as the money printing during COVID-19 is highly substantial and the borders are open.

Echoes of Concern

These concerns echoed warnings from other authoritative sources. Forbes reported a UNODC warning in January 2024, highlighting Tether’s rise as a platform for money laundering and fraud, particularly in East and Southeast Asia.

The UNODC highlighted the “surging volume” of cyber fraud, money laundering, and underground banking cases involving Tether. Specific schemes included “sextortion” and “pig butchering,” which exploit social engineering to extract money from victims.

Furthermore, online gambling platforms emerged as significant channels for Tether-based money laundering, fueling the growth of the illicit digital economy.

In Brief….

Taken together with the warnings of international bodies, TruthLabs’ revelations indeed portray a very critical picture of Tether’s involvement in illicit activities. The connections to terror groups, money laundering, and fraud underpin the requirement for enhanced scrutiny and transparency in the cryptocurrency market. 

What are your thoughts on TruthLabs’ findings?

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