Still in ICO Phase, Mollars Token Got 90% The Search Volume of Bonk Inu Memecoin

Mollars Token is continuing to set precedence in the cryptocurrency world and before it’s listing on public crypto exchanges. Closing in on its initial coin offering’s close on June 1st, the brand value of the store-of-value token seems to be boiling hot. In the last 30 days, the search volume for ‘Mollars’ has skyrocketed, gaining 50% the search volume of top memecoin, Bonk Inu.

Google Trends data over the last month shows “Mollars” has been searched for on Google 50% to 90% as much as Bonk Inu on multiple days.

The highest peak of searches came between April 24th & 25th. On those days, Bonk Inu scored a high of 97 points for user interests, while “Mollars” volume scored an 85. These numbers indicate the amount of interests shown on search for the keywords — “Mollars” and “Bonk Inu.” On both days, crypto traders appeared to be highly interested in the memecoin and altcoin.

When did Bonk Inu Launch or get listed?

Bonk Inu (BONK), which was launched in December of 2022 for trading on public crypto exchanges is the #66 most traded cryptocurrency of today, per Coingecko. It has a market cap of $1.6-Billion-dollars.

Traders have made millions on the highly volatile price of Bonk Inu as swings in the price occur almost weekly.

Mollars Will List on Exchanges Next Month

Mollars token has not launched on public exchanges yet. The store-of-value token, like Bitcoin, is a deflationary digital currency. Still in its infant stage of the “initial coin offering,” it’s unprecedented that an SOV token gains such notoriety while in presale.

Some investors of the Mollars token presale will consider this detail a kind signal of its future. With only 10-million-tokens being minted ever, if it reaches half the trading volume of BONK memecoin, a current investment of $0.55 would turn into a genius action in the future.

The popularity of Mollars has also gained notoriety with crypto exchanges. Bitmart, LBank, and have all announced they will be listing the new altcoin after its ICO ends on June 1st.

Mollars is expected to list on all crypto exchanges for the price of $0.62.

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