Bitcoin (BTC) Analyst Expects New ATH For BRETT, FLOKI, and 3 More Altcoins

Bitcoin (BTC) Analyst Expects New ATH For BRETT, FLOKI, and 3 More Altcoins

A renowned analyst has picked cryptocurrencies set to dominate the crypto market in the next crypto bull run. The analyst has placed his bet on BRETT, FLOKI, Avalanche (AVAX), and THORChain (RUNE) as the cryptocurrencies to watch out for. 

Interestingly, the analyst places one altcoin above all. He says this token will outperform all the others in this bull cycle. This highly rated project is RCO Finance (RCOF). Read on to learn more about this new DeFi project!

RCO Finance: The New Crypto Coin Shaking the Market Hierarchy

RCO Finance has emerged with a lucrative presale and other unique offerings. The presale of RCO Finance’s native token, RCOF, is currently in Stage 1, and RCOF is valued at just $0.0127.

Here is where the fun begins: Stage 1 investors will receive a staggering 169% profit by Stage 2 when the price of ECOF climbs to $0.0343.

While this is impressive, the true kicker is a 3,000% profit prospect when RCOF launches at $0.4 on various major crypto exchanges after its presale concludes. This is more than the gains expected from the other altcoins this analyst discussed. 

Among RCO Finance’s revolutionary offerings is a debit card. This debit card represents the holder’s digital assets and can be used for transactions across the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. It will also be used to convert crypto to fiat currency. 

RCO Finance also runs a non-KYC system. This feature shows a commitment to user privacy and anonymity while following regulations. Users on the trading and investment platform can keep sensitive personal information to themselves. 

Furthermore, the project’s AI robo-advisor utilizes complex algorithms and machine learning to analyze trends, identify market opportunities, and execute trades on investors’ behalf.

The AI investment assistant eliminates brokers and advisors, democratizing the trading and investment process. To further boost investors’ confidence, RCO Finance has its smart contract audited by SolidProof, which makes the platform highly secure.

Analysts Say BRETT Can Reach $0.0072 In This Cycle

BRETT is one of the new Solana-based meme coins that dominated the market in the first half 2024.

During the meme coin frenzy in March, BRETT soared to $0.0236. However, early investors began taking profits, causing sell pressure and making BRETT fall to $0.0037. Despite this correction, the token is still 226% higher than its launch price. 

The analyst says BRETT might have bottomed out and could be in for another pump. However, he says the level of this pump is dependent on the general market condition. 

That means if the market aligns with an increased interest in the meme coin, BRETT could rise to $0.0073, making it an attractive option for crypto market investors.

FLOKI Tipped to Overcome Retracement Soon

FLOKI has been a top-performing crypto in the past year. The meme coin has leveraged the massive community it built during the last crypto winter to surge during the 2023-2024 crypto rally. 

Consequently, the token has gained 1183% year-on-year on the price charts. However, FLOKI is experiencing a retracement and has lost 1.3% in the last week. 

However, the renowned analyst claims this retracement will only last briefly. He predicts that the coming bull run could see FLOKI break its ATH of $0.000325 and rise to $0.001222. 

Analyst Predicts Avalanche and THORChain Pump

AVAX is one of the other tokens the analyst has predicted could rise above its ATH in this cycle.

The token’s current ATH is $144.96, while its current price is $32.94. AVAX is expected to rise to $100 initially. However, it could even go as high as $240 if it overcomes critical resistance levels. 

Another crypto tipped for a price gain is THORChain’s RUNE. Its ATH is $21.26 and is currently trading at $5.30. The analyst says THORChain’s RUNE will initially rise to $14, with potential for further gains to $33, $53, and even $73 upon breaking resistance.

However, none of these gains match RCOF’s 3,000% presale pump. This is why you should watch this new DeFi coin closely!

Buy RCOF Coins in Stage 1 And Become a Crypto Millionaire!

RCOF offers crypto enthusiasts and even newbies the opportunity to boost their crypto portfolios’ value significantly. Interested investors can purchase RCOF during the presale on the website.

When RCO Finance’s presale ends, those who join the RCO Finance presale now will see the value of their crypto holdings increase by 3,000%. 

RCOF’s presale can even be your road to becoming a crypto millionaire. By investing $30,000 in Stage 1 of the presale, we believe your holdings will reach over $1 million. That’s something you’ll hardly see anywhere else in the crypto market!

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