If Bitcoin (BTC) Drops Below $57,000, These 3 Things Will Happen

If Bitcoin (BTC) Drops Below ,000, These 3 Things Will Happen

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Bitcoin’s plunge toward $57,000 was the last thing expected after the catastrophic drop below $65,000. However, it has become a reality, and the market will have to act one way or another. Here are three potential outcomes if Bitcoin breaks below the crucial $57,000 level.

200 EMA being invalidated as support 

The 200 EMA will no longer be valid as a support level if Bitcoin falls below $57,000. The 200 EMA has acted as a key technical indicator to evaluate the general trend. If Bitcoin were to lose this support, it would enter bearish territory and might even worsen the sell-off. As traders and investors lose faith in Bitcoin’s capacity to sustain above crucial support levels, this could result in a further drop in its price.

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More liquidations

A lot of buyers may try to catch the knife and purchase Bitcoin at what they perceive to be a low price around the $56,000 mark. There may be more liquidations, though, if Bitcoin is unable to maintain this level. An additional sell order may be executed as a result of buyers’ stop-loss orders being triggered, further lowering the price. It may be more difficult for the price of Bitcoin to stabilize if there is more selling pressure, which would accelerate the decline. 

Possible selling and stalemate

Due to a lack of liquidity, some institutional selling operations may come to an end if Bitcoin drops below $57,000. As buyers and sellers await more favorable conditions, this scenario could result in a sideways market, where Bitcoin trades between $55,000 and $60,000. On the other hand, Bitcoin may fall as low as $50,000 if institutions keep selling.

Bitcoin’s price is greatly influenced by the actions of institutional investors, who hold a substantial portion of the market. It may be difficult for Bitcoin to recover in the near term if the sell-off continues, as this could result in an extended bear market.


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