Uniswap monthly fees near $100M as platform dominates other DEXs

Uniswap monthly fees near 0M as platform dominates other DEXs

Uniswap has generated more than twice in fees compared to any other decentralized exchanges (DEXs) in the past 30 days, latest data from Token Terminal shows.

With nearly $100 million in fees generated this past month, Uniswap DAO ranks highest among top 20 DEXs. According to on-chain data, Uniswap DAO has registered more than the next four decentralized exchanges combined in this period.

Uniswap tops DEXs by 30-day fees

As of June 18, Uniswap DAO accounted for more in generated fees than PancakeSwap, Aerodrome, Uniswap Labs and GMX combined. While PancakeSwap and Aerodrome both are on track to surpass $20 million in June, the next two are way below.

When it comes to Uniswap, Token Terminal includes Uniswap Labs as a separate entity. Mainly, this is down to Uniswap Labs’ monetization via fees charged to Uniswap users. The fees apply to accessing the DEX protocol through Uniswap Labs’s official frontend application.

In April, Uniswap Labs raised fees charged to users accessing the DEX via its UI from $0.15 to $0.25. The move came after the company received a Wells Notice from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Ethereum tops blockchains by fees

The latest data by Token Terminal shows the top blockchain and dApps platforms by generated fees in the past 30 days as Ethereum, Tron and Bitcoin.

Most of the top fee-generating applications are on Ethereum (both L1 and L2s). Ethereum currently outpaces the rest with nearly $180 million, while Tron is second with over $130 million and Bitcoin third with roughly $105 million.

“In the past 30 days, Ethereum generated the most Fees (~$180M). It’s worth highlighting that Base, despite the relatively low average transaction fee of ~$0.03 (compared to ~$4.5 on the Ethereum L1), still places among the top 20 because of the surge in user activity on the L2,” Token Terminal wrote on X.

Notably, Base-native DEX platform Aerodrome generates approximately double the fees of its underlying Layer-2 blockchain.


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