List Of Top Four Undervalued Altcoins Worth Looking Into

List Of Top Four Undervalued Altcoins Worth Looking Into

Given the current market conditions where the direction is still uncertain, it gets difficult to identify altcoins with maximum potential. However, despite this, there are several undervalued projects that are being unfairly dragged down by the overall market trends. Analyst Altcoin Buzz gave a list of four coins, worth looking into. Here’s the list:

Coin 1: Akash Network

First on his list is Akash Network, active in both the decentralized computing (DePIN) and artificial intelligence (AI) sectors. These are among the hottest narratives in the current bull run. Akash started as a decentralized computation marketplace, allowing users to rent out their excess GPU capacity at a lower cost compared to major cloud providers.

Moreover, Grayscale has added Akash to its list of high-potential assets for Q3 2024. Despite the overall market downturn, Akash has shown favorable price movements, offering a glimmer of hope amidst the broader market decline.

Coin 2: Morpheus Labs

Next, on his list is Morpheus Labs, which assists Web2 companies in transitioning to Web3 using a low-code platform and AI tools. Morpheus Labs boasts partnerships with major players like Alibaba Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Tencent Cloud, JP Games, Elrond, and Ant Group. Their ecosystem offers Layer Two scalable solutions, sharding for parallel processing, and off-chain computing to reduce on-chain burdens.

Coin 3: Graphlinq

Third on his list is Graphlinq, firmly positioned in the AI sector. Graphlinq offers no-code Web3 automation along with its own chain and token standard. The protocol is multi-chain and facilitates easy deployment and management of dApps. With 170 million GLQ in total value locked (TVL) on its chain, valued at approximately $14 million, Graphlinq is active in the DeFi space and makes an interesting coin.

Coin 4: Clearpool

Last was Clearpool, a player in the real-world assets (RWA) sector. Clearpool operates a decentralized marketplace on Ethereum and Polygon for credit loans. To date, it has facilitated loans totaling $562 million with a TVL of $81 million. The RWA space is projected to grow into a $6 trillion market by 2030, and BlackRock’s entry into this market signals its potential. Despite a price increase over the past year, Clearpool’s market cap still offers growth potential.

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