Crypto Miners Rush To Comply With New Rules: Arkansas County

Several counties in the state of Arkansas, USA, are swiftly taking action to implement new regulations ahead of an impending change in the status of crypto mining facilities. Local reports indicate that these counties are urgently passing emergency legislation to gain control over various aspects of crypto mining, particularly noise-related concerns, before a state law is enforced on August 1.

This new state law is aimed at bringing crypto mining facilities within the scope of regulations that currently govern data centers. The intention is to establish comprehensive guidelines for miners, affording them protection from discriminatory regulations and taxation practices. However, residents of Arkansas had limited time to discuss this legislation, as it was rapidly proposed, examined in committees, and approved by legislators during a one-week period, spanning from March 30 to April 7.

State Representative Rick McClure, the bill’s author, reportedly claimed that there was no opposition voiced during committee discussions or legislative sessions. Among the crypto mining companies operating in Arkansas are Green Digital, GMI Computing, United BitEngine, and Cryptic Farms.

To address complaints of continuous noise pollution, local authorities are taking further actions by implementing additional rules. Kris Kendrick, a justice of the peace on Faulkner County’s Quorum Court, expressed concerns about the noise level and its impact on neighbors during a meeting held in July.

Crypto-Friendly Counties Implement Model Ordinance

Subsequent to the bill’s passage, the Association of Arkansas Counties devised a model ordinance that can be utilized by counties prior to the law’s enforcement. As a result, over a dozen counties have reportedly adopted noise ordinances targeting data centers since June.

Justice of the Peace Maree Coats highlighted the issue further, emphasizing how the incessant noise affects individuals even within the confines of their homes, stating that residents can hear it around the clock from their bedrooms.

While the new legislation does not entirely prohibit county regulations, it explicitly bars local governments from engaging in discriminatory practices against crypto mining facilities or imposing limits on decibel levels beyond those set for general sound pollution. Additionally, counties are forbidden from rezoning areas with the intention of discriminating against digital mining operations. The aim is to foster a fair and supportive environment for crypto miners in Arkansas.

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