PS5 APU-powered mining GPU hits eBay for $500 — a PS5 chip with two less CPU cores and half the memory that consumes around 90W

Five of AMD’s crypto-oriented BC-250 graphics cards, which use the PlayStation 5 APUs (codename Oberon) instead of regular GPU chips, have hit eBay for just $500 each (via VideoCardz). The BC-250 starred initially in one of ASRock’s Mining Rig products in 2022, which retailed for $14,800 and contained 12 BC-250s. That’s $1,233 per card, so this $500 eBay listing is, in theory, a great deal. However, it might need even more discounts, given that today isn’t a great time to get into cryptocurrency mining.

The BC-250 presumably exists for the same reason that AMD’s 4700S does: to use PS5 APUs that didn’t come out of the oven right. Consequently, the specs of these BC-250 cards are cut down, with just six out of eight CPU cores enabled, and it’s also possible that at least some (or even all) of the graphics cores are also disabled. The BC-250 also comes with just 8GB of GDDR6, as opposed to the 16GB on the PS5.

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