Top 10 RWA Altcoins for 10x Profit In 2024

Web 3.0 space is evolving, and so are its visions! The Real World Assets (RWAs) in crypto is the tokenization of tangible assets that exist in the physical world, brought on chain. Real World Assets, or RWA, in DeFi and Cryptocurrency, showcase how tokenization brings blockchain and traditional finance together.

RWAs connect the real and digital worlds in DeFi, expanding investment opportunities, liquidity, and market access. RWA tokens prove how innovation and financial change can co-exist and transform the fast-paced cryptocurrency ecosystem.

RWA altcoins are making news as they could be the next factor to cause the crypto market boom! In this report by Coinpedia, we will cover the top 10 RWA Altcoins for 10x profit in 2024. 

What are RWA altcoins?

In cryptocurrency, tokenizing real-world assets means turning physical assets into digital tokens on the blockchain. The RWA tokenization comes with advantages like:

  • Improved liquidity and accessibility as tokenization make buying and selling assets that are usually hard to trade in a regular scenario easier. It allows partial ownership of high-value assets, letting a more comprehensive range of investors join markets that were initially tough to access.
  • Global investment opportunities come with RWA tokens as they reduce geographical and financial barriers. 
  • New markets are created as RWA tokens open the door for new and innovative financial products and participants in the market.

To understand RWA tokens better, let us consider a valuable painting. Usually, only a small group of wealthy players can buy it; however, with tokenization it can be segmented into digital tokens, letting multiple investors own a part of it! Isn’t it new and exciting?

Read more about the top 10 RWA altcoins or top 10 RWA tokens to invest in 2024 and get 10x more profits.

Top 10 RWA Altcoins in 2024 

  1. Landshare

Landshare is an RWA token that transforms real-world properties into asset-backed, income-generating tokens that can be traded on the Binance Smart Chain. The token has demonstrated a remarkable growth last year as it shows a surge by 171% and has outperformed 83% of the top 100 cryptocurrencies last year. 

The current market cap of the LAND token is $15.01 million USD and is priced at $3.86 USD presently.

  1. Centrifuge

Centrifuge is a decentralized protocol which focuses on providing financing for RWAs. It is done in the realm of defi in order to reduce the cost of capital for small and medium enterprises while offering investors a steady income source. Centrifuge aims to create profits by transferring real monetary value from traditional currencies to digital currencies. The price surge in Centrifuge was as high as 195% in the last year. 

The current price of CFG token is $1.00 USD and it has a market cap of $489.31 million USD. We totally bet on CFG altcoin for your 2024 cryptocurrency profits!

  1. Pendle

Pendle is a tokenizing-specific platform designed for trading future yield. It has introduced a unique Automated Market Maker (AMM) that accommodates assets with time decay. The current sentiment for Pendle’s price prediction is bullish! PENDLE is priced currently at $3.94 USD and has 81 score on the fear and greed index.

  1. Maple

Maple is a decentralized bank for companies where it helps businesses straightforwardly get money using blockchain technology. Investors who put their money into Maple can earn a steady income by lending it to different groups of renowned crypto organizations. Currently, Maple token (MPL) is currently priced at $25.77 USD with a market cap of USD 114.0 million. We suggest Maple for your 2024 RWA altcoin investment.

  1. Polymesh

Polymesh is a specialized, high-grade blockchain for regulated assets, providing institutional solutions. It is different from general-purpose blockchains like Ethereum as it overcomes limitations that might hinder the acceptance of security tokens by institutions.  The token is priced currently at $0.6262 USD and has a market cap of $506.01 million. Coinpedia places its bet on the token owing to the bullish sentiments the RWA token holds presently.

  1. LumiShare

Lumishare is a modern-age renewable energy investment which offers real-time data to investors so that they can make informed decisions. It removes all the geographical and financial constraints and helps investors across the globe to access sustainable investment ways. The LUMI token is priced at $0.1292 USD and has been growing since last year.

  1. Creditcoin

It is a new and exciting credit platform built in order to transform digital wallets into an investment market. It is backed by a strong blockchain technology , sporting solutions for borrowing and lending CTC cryptocurrency. It is trending as one of the top RWA altcoins to invest in 2024 for 10x profits. 

  1. Goldfinch

It is a defi lending platform that serves you with crypto loan options without any collateral. Its main objective is to streamline the usage of blockchain technology and get the perks of decentralized credit protocol in varied businesses. So why have we picked it as one of the top contenders? Goldfinch offers 10-14% APY on average lending and staking operations.

  1. Mantra

MANTRA is a Security first RWA Layer 1 Blockchain, capable of adherence and enforcement of real world regulatory requirements. It is made for Institutions and Developers, and offers a Permissionless Blockchain for Permissioned applications.

OM token is priced at $0.7216 USD and has a current market cap of $572.47 million. The sentiments around OM token are bullish and we have picked it as one of the top 10 contenders of 2024.

  1. Ono Finance

Ono Finance has come up as a direct proxy for the RWA coins, allowing users to earn a good deal of return on US treasuries across different blockchains. ONDO is priced at USD 0.9114 and is giving bullish sentiments for growth in 2024.

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